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The third edition of my book "Runic amulet practice" was published in the Veligor Publishing House. The book has been published since 2001, periodically supplementing with the expansion of my experience in the practice of Runes. I worked with various Russian publishing houses and the most successful cooperation turned out with Veligor publishing house. Who is interested in the Scandinavian Runes can get my book in Russian in the publishing and trading company Veligor Tel./fax: +7 (499) 166-98-30 mob. +7 (985) 784-08-16 or order the book in thematic online stores:  www.veligor.ru

I have been thinking for long time to create my site or not. And I came to the conclusion that still I need to do it. Why? I will try to explain. Once I found my book on runes and excerpts from it on several unfamiliar resources ... I turned to the administrators of these sites, introduced myself, and just tried to talk. However, their answers were rude and these people clearly did not want to communicate. I do not know why, because they copied my texts without my permission. Maybe they thought I was old or dead. Indeed, and maybe this is an imposter of some kind? Indeed, how to show people that I am me? Just making your site.
But this is only one side of the issue. The second side is this. Visiting different parts of the network, I have been browsing various forums for quite a long time. And, you know, sometimes very interesting things are discussed there. For example, how can you control the weather with runes? Interesting topic of discussion. I see a huge Viking on a huge horse, with a huge sword, which, with cold fingers, builds a runescript for the purpose of warming the air temperature. It's in a Scandinavian country somewhere in December-January! Really fun? Yes, the Vikings would have died out with such an attitude to life for a few years. Isn't it easier, if it's cold, to make a fire or make clothes for yourself? Clearly, this is a need to make a fire and make clothes. And for subtle magical personalities this, of course, is not very acceptable, because, probably, it is difficult. And one more special moment is often manifested in the forums - love and so on. Of course, I am not against love, but why use magic in love relationships? If someone lacks confidence in himself to approach a person and say a few good words, then someone is not ready for a love relationship. And therefore, it is necessary tj leave attempts to find a partner before the onset of psychological maturity.
In general, I formed the opinion that those who begin to practice magic in general and runic magic in particular, do not quite understand: why do they need it? However, it is worth remembering that wrong (without due knowledge)  inscribed runes, unfortunately, also work. In general, if we put together what is written on this page and add a little of what is not written, but only implied, then for these reasons I decided to create my own website. So, if you are interested in knowledge about the runes and practices associated with them, then call and email me.