Meaning of Runes (shorted)

Fehu - money, movable property, health.
Fehu inverted - loss or lack of money. Loss of health.
Urus - is uncontrollable energy, you cannot do anything by circumstances, but you can try to change the situation by asking others.
Urus inverted - the circumstances are so powerful that neither you or anyone else will be able to influence the outcome of events.
Turisaz - Open gates, more often official, open ways in a general sense; a blade, cutter, dagger; beware of injuries. About health - surgery is possible or recommended.
Inverted turisaz - closed official way (closed by someone consciously). Try to go another way, maybe it will be open.
Ansuz - speech, conversation, justice, legal issues. Poetry, attraction. Attention of Higher Powers.
Ansuz inverted - Lies, slander, injustice. Missing or incorrect legal registration of something.
Raidho - way, vehicle, road.
Raidho inverted - better not to go; defective vehicle. In a general sense, the path is closed; there is no progress.
Kenaz - you control the situation. Married man, good boss.
Kenaz inverted - negligence in a certain situation. Lack of control. Recently divorced man. Often means in a direct question: does not marry, or is not going to marry.
Gebo - friends, luck, help, gifts
Vinjo - Joy, everything goes well.
Vinjo inverted - everything will be fine, but later. Deferment. However, even in an inverted position, this rune is positive.
Hagalaz - destruction of the existing situation, but, however, the beginning of something new. Do not take this rune as negative: this is a chance to do everything the way you wanted, using your past experience.
Naud - need, poverty. However, it often means that action is urgently needed.
Naud inverted - no need, no point. No dependence on something (alcoholic or drug, for example), or someone.
Isa - Smooth slow course of processes. Perhaps slowing down business.
Jera - Results of labor, harvest, joy. It is also hard, but effective work with a known pleasant result.
Eihwaz - cardinal, diametral changes. This rune does not have a qualitative assessment, it shows only the process. It can be a change of activity, work, housing, city of residence, country, and so on ... But how exactly this all will pass will be prompted by the surrounding runes.
Pertro - The mystery that you can comprehend, fortune telling, a bag of runes, fate, magic. Pregnancy or it's high probability.
Pertro inverted - a mystery that will never be revealed. It's not meant to be. Medical problems with gynecology (for women); meaning for men- problems with the abdominal organs, you should consult a doctor.
Algiz- Analytics, understanding of incoming information, recommendation to sit down and think hard. Intrigue. Information Security.
Algiz inverted- reluctance or inability to work with incoming information. The person simply does not want to think, and quite deliberately. Breakthrough in information security. In general, the possibility of disrupting the work of security and alarm systems.
Sol - the most positive rune in Futark! If it appears in the divination, then all this prediction get a positive color. Means all good, wonderful, holiday, "dream come true."
Tyr - victory in battle. Free man. A woman with a strong character.
Tyr inverted - losing battle. Men's health problems.
Berkana - is a good housewife, a good mother. Married woman. In matters of business and work this rune can mean higher friends and patrons, outside gender.
Berkana inverted - a bad wife and a mother. May mean a mistress. In questions about work and business means that the patrons will not help.
Evaz- knowledge, understanding, education, meditation, good memory in the sense of learning.
Evaz inverted - bad memory, poor learning. It can mean a lack of education, in the sense of a lack of knowledge as such.
Mannaz - is a serious free person or friendly team. How to understand depends on the question asked, so be punctual in the wording of the question.
Mannaz inverted - leaving the team, dismissal. A person cannot work in a team, as a whole is a “non-team” person. Problems in the team due to lack of communication.
Laguz - girl, river, magic; slow \ implicit, but powerful course of processes.
Laguz inverted - the processes do not flow, something slows them down. The magic of the dark side. Bad impact, possibly accidental.
Inguz - level change, but in what direction, the rune does not show. Opening of looped processes. Quarrel, scandal, loud divorce. Exam, certification, etc ... A series of abrupt changes.
Dagaz - The beginning of something new and good; a new day, perspectives. Returning home with a victory \ luck.
Othal - real estate. House, office, apartment, land plot. In the general sense of the house, homely atmosphere, comfort.
Othal inverted - loss of real estate, moving to another office, selling real estate. The loss of a cozy atmosphere in the house, moral discord in the family.