About myself

I have been working with runes and psycho-energy for about 20 years. As you, probably, have already read on the main page, I wrote and reissue periodically a book on runic practice. People often ask me, how did I come to this, magic in general, runes in particular?
In fact, everything like everyone probably had. In my childhood  I was an unbearable child. I threw chocolate out of the pantry and left jars of confiture. Mom swore and even didn't let me go for a walk ... And I also walked with my knees and elbows hewed to the bone, absolutely spitting on bacterial safety, I was a tomboy, you know. And never a single abrasion had become a problem. And my mother, who worked as a doctor, so frightened, so frightened ... But I was not afraid. I believed that if I do not see microbes, then there are none. But they were! Imagine?! What a disappointment I had in the first class, when we were taken to the dining room with the whole class and fed us with bad cakes, it happened that day, usually the cakes were good. The fact that the pies were bad stuffing - it did not seem scary. But the microbes, which I have not seen, and therefore believed that they are not, in the cakes just turned out. Yes, so much so that the entire class was enough! Very unpleasant thing when the stomach hurts! And then I realized that if something is not visible and not heard, and does not taste, and smell, it does not mean that this "something" is not.
And I also had strange dreams at that tender age, and I also felt that I like folk tales, I didn't know why. Many nations live in our country, and I have read tales of different nations many times. For the sake of fairness, I must say that I also liked the tales of the peoples of Africa and Australia. Then it seemed to me strange that in most Russian tales insects, reptiles and amphibians, as well as their various derivatives of their forms, were considered a priori evil, but in Afro-Australian tales these same animals were considered wise and good. Then I realized that there is something that later became fashionable to call mentality.
A little later, in the fifth to seventh grade, I became interested in physics. And I was convinced again that not everything that can't be sensed by the senses is absent in nature, for example, the electromagnetic field.
And it was also very interesting that if the physical process is not visible, that doesn't mean it's not coming. By that time I had finished reading a three-volumed physics textbook edited by Academician Landsberg. The most entertaining book! By that time, I also read a book on General Biology for the tenth grade, which was kept by my mother in her school years. And also systematically gained knowledge from my mother's and grandmother's medical literature. And, since I have already read almost all the educational and popular science books at home and with my acquaintances, there was an urgent question, how else stretch my brain. I didn't count the school with it's social games. So, when there was nothing to read, but strange dreams continued to dream, I decided to somehow correct the situation. On the one hand, it was necessary to buy a really good book, and on the other hand, to find out for myself the nature of strange dreams. The concept of a good book implies a book that can be re-read several times over a long time and each time in it to find something new and not understood. But with the nature of strange dreams was more difficult. After all, official medicine can interpret dreams only about sex, depression, or something like that. And I dreamed of something completely different ... Almost all of our generation was brought up in the concept of "devil does not exist." And this implies the absence in general of all that which is not for official science. That is, what official science cannot measure or somehow fix.
At that age, I became keenly interested in, what are the devils that do not exist, differ from microbes, which, by and large, no one has seen personally either. That is, about the first phenomenon, and about the second, too, most people know only by hearsay.
So, I went to a large bookstore and started looking at different shelves. The store was big, and I was small. And so, on a shelf of !!! fantasy !!! I discovered a richly published, black and gold, two-volumed book of Dr. Papus unknown to me then. It was his "Practical Magic". Yes-ah-ah! That was how the gentlemen of the magicians treated me together with Dr. Papus. It’s fun because I read these two volumes for half   year. And I did not understand anything! Nothing at all! In terms of book content. But I understood the other thing well. Namely: from pure jokes no one will write such “cool nonsense” - it will not work. That is, I realized that this Papus is a serious person, but I do not understand something. After this discovery, my legs, driven by a bad head, went to the book market. Oh, I bought there so much! I collected money from my dinners. About a month I bought a mountain of brochures and more reputable (only in terms of design) publications. I hid it all in the basement behind jars of jam (forgive me books). And nights away I read. Large, beautifully designed books were empty. But here are the small brochures printed on newsprint, brought considerable joy. I read a little in Latin with a dictionary, because my mother and grandmother were doctors, and we had Latin dictionary at home. In brochures in normal classical Latin and in normal Russian, spells and instructions to them were printed. Not like Papus: "... at the hour of Mars (Venus, Saturn, Uranus, etc.), take virgin parchment (or something like that) and wrap emerald in it, and then marry it all with blood a hanged-up rapist ... " How is parchment simply different from parchment “virgin”?Where to get the blood of the hangman-rapist in our time? And how to get emeralds - it was generally unrealistic for me. And I began to try magic instructions from cheap books. What was my surprise when these instructions began to work! Then I began to try others, more difficult. That was the first time I had an idea to somehow apply this knowledge. But where and why? Here is an appropriate example. Here an inexperienced person wanted to buy a powerful computer. He knows it's cool, but nothing more. And this big box has everyone, even his neighbor! Also, this person knows that with the help of a computer you can do everything!!! And so he buys this big box, and with special pleasure he chooses a good mouse and a stylish keyboard. And also, after reading fashionable computer magazines, tells the polite-spiteful seller what kind of monitor and which acoustics he wants. So, near his house, this person unloads all this expensive stuff from the car with the proud look of an advanced person. Gathering together with his family at home all this mountain of iron, the technican comes and sets up the network. And so ... A person begins to quietly understand that this mountain of pieces of iron can do such "everything", that even fantasy is not enough for this at first. It’s scary and interesting for a person to press a key, but for now he doesn’t understand why he need all this and how it works. A person understands that he bought a very complicated toy, and he can work with it. But how? He feels that it is somehow possible, but how serious it is, he does not even suspect yet. In short, cool, but strange. So I, seeing that it all works, was in the same mood as described above.But I also felt that games with magic could end very badly. Yes, magic worked, but my gut says that Kabbalah and Papus are good, but not for me. Somehow I didn’t really like all these incomprehensible bells and whistles with coloring sticks in different colors and singing psalms in a separate three-room apartment. Neighbors, it seems to me, would also not particularly welcome such entertainment. And it seemed to me that the ancients and not-so-Kabbalists  confused it all so much and worked out specially heaped up ceremonies. Hoodie they (oh, you see!) ought to have, and appropriate light, and even torches. And then, the family will not really understand that the son in the tenth grade is engaged in singing in a robe in Latin. By that time, I had already made several acquaintances from the esoteric crowd. Of course, this community was hardly a circle. Rather, it was a terrarium or serpentarium. But if you take each esoteric separately, then he was a good person. By the way, at that time I thought that girls and women are more likely to  engage in magic. But no. By gender, the number of esoterists is about the same. Maybe in other cities and countries in a different way, well, okay. So, I met once a "unfinished" physician at a party. He was a very sociable and sincere person. He worked in the morgue as an intern. His name was also Sergei. We talked about magic and other things in the same way. And he told me that there is such a good thing as runes. I asked him what these runes look like. He rummaged in his bag for a long time and took out a pack of exactly cut cartons of elastic bands. Then he handed them to me and said: "On, here! Play at your leisure."In the morning he was gone, and I never saw him again. Maybe I'll see him sometime, and we'll talk. I've been playing with runes ever since. Naturally, no longer those cardboard ones. And then I went back to the book market and bought a book on fortune-telling on the runes. I was so surprised at the accuracy of the runic predictions that after a short time I bought some more books about runes. I was just struck by the fact that some signs drawn on the cardboard tell everything about everyone. Yes, and even though I had never done fortune-telling before, and even more so on the runes, I was not engaged. Then I found out that there are several types of runic alphabets- futarks. And the runes in them are different, but similar. And I found out that all this is the German-Scandinavian school of magic. And this school is very powerful and independent.
At that time I worked as a builder during the day and a security guard at night. Security work very well contributed to my pursuit of runic magic. Well, imagine: you sit alone behind a high fence and under the alarm, you have twelve and sometimes twenty-four hours. And there is practically nothing to do - well, crooks will not carry the pipe or channel weighing two tons or more. Truly good and rare books on runes I got then with difficulty and not in the property, but "read for a week". And in fact, I copied and rewritten them manually. Such an activity is very conducive to memorizing material forever. I then almost stopped practicing other ritual magic. There was no time, and the runes were much more interesting. And, after practicing the runes a little longer, I felt that they were very close to me and I understand them very well. Or maybe runes understand me?
A few years later I started working as a sales assistant at an esoteric store. All this time I was very interested in one thing. The fact is that in every magic system there is a subsystem for predicting events and a subsystem for influence the development of these events. Being almost all my time in the esoteric shop, I tried to see, find, order, ask people for books on runic practices. This is clear as a white day: if in the magical system there are symbols of the archetypes of the structure of the world, then these symbols can somehow be built to bring reality to certain changes. But I have not found a single book on runic rituals.By the way, besides my book, at that time, I did not see any other books on the topic of runic amulet practice. All books about the runes contained only ways of divination of varying complexity. However, almost in each of these books ancient runic plates were cited, which contained some sets of runes in a certain sequence. This meant only one thing - a subsystem of changes of reality in runic magic, at least once existed. And if so, why not revive a good tradition? Having rummaged in libraries more carefully, I, once again, found nothing by runic ritual magic. And if so, then the word "revival" smoothly flowed into the word "development." And I started the experiments. The fact is that composing the runes in the order of their values is easy if you understand the meanings of the runes. At least it is clear what each individual sign means. But how to make amulet blanks, how to charge, or consecrate, or initiate? Here was a dark forest. After several years of experimentation, a more or less slender picture began to appear in our center of alternative medicine at our store. Do not think that I put experiments on customers! This is unethical and unacceptable in principle. I spoke with our director, and he gave the order / permission to open a youth esoteric club at the center of alternative medicine, and I, for the initiative, became the head of the club. Here we are with members of club were experimented on each other. How so? Each of us, after all, had to feel the effect of the technologies developed by us. In short, I began, using my own work, to make really working runic amulets. At first, he was even surprised that they were working. Then, praise the gods, I got used to it.
And so, in 1999, in the same place in the store, I met one person named Gregory. He, too, handled something like magic, but not in a ritual form. Then I learned that it is called psycho-energetics. But that's another story. And this story is like that. Gregory worked in a publishing house, I don't remember his job. But he said, the publisher opens a series of books about magic. At first I did not understand what he was driving at. But then he asked me to write a book on runic magic. By that time, I already worked with might and main in “magic production”. I even had a small permanent clientele. At first I did not want to write this book. Not because it is impossible in principle or for some high considerations. Just the last essay (as much as two whole pages) I wrote in school years. But since then several years have passed. Well, the volume of the book scared me a little (I did not have a computer then). After all, I worked two jobs — for days or nights I guarded building materials, and during the day at the store with one day off a week, and even magic clients gave orders. So I figured that I would not have time to write a book. But Gregory convinced me to create a book. I came to the publishing house, and they said to me: "Write!" And I began to write. I was strongly driven by timing. In general, I wrote every free evening from ten in the evening to two in the morning. The volume of the written text I counted in used rods for the pen - two or three per night. In general, for a month I did it! Also, probably, a month the book was edited in the editors. Poor editor! Sincere thanks to him! He managed to make a good book out of what I wrote. I also often went to the editorial office about strange terms that the editor didn't know. He is a very educated person, but even he did not know such combinations of consonants (for example, the word “agisyhjalm”). I was also called to the editor to edit the work of the typesetter. He, for example, typed instead of "Yggdrasil tree" such a phrase as "Israel tree", and this is not the only ridiculous mistake. We all laughed, and the editor Dmitry, and Gregory, and me. But Dmitry laughed a little less fun, and we said nothing to the typesetter. The general efforts, using a large amount of beer and hot dogs, the book came out in 2001.
It turned out that the store in which I was working at that time was closed. At first I was in some confusion. I did not want to go back to guard all kinds of different property. But it was necessary to eat too. Moreover, after eighteen years I began to live independently. I rented apartments and almost never lived alone, but always with some girl. And girls, besides tea, coffee, meat and all steel, they also want to dress well and look beautiful. Of course, I am pleased too when my girlfriend looks great. But money must also be taken somewhere. At first, I was rescued by familiar esoterics - they threw up orders, naturally, they were not the best. Permanent clientele is not that decreased, but the problems they has become much less - praise Odin! And I decided, there was no need to work for anyone, I had to switch to my main work and not be sprayed on trifles. That main work is - to engage in magic, work with the runes, or, as they say in the northern tradition, work on the kraft. In ancient times, magical actions were called “Kraft”. And I tell you, this is correct. In general, I did not know where, what and how I would do. At one of the rehearsals (I also played bass guitar), I met a girl. We talked, and it turned out that she, too, esoteric. And also almost without work sits. I offered her cooperation. About a year we worked together. During our work with her, we had the idea of courses on esotericism. But at that time this thought has not yet taken shape. We didn't know what material should we give to people. Thought, thought, but didn't come, as they say, to a consensus. But I still thought about the courses. Work on the esoteric in the meantime took shape in the permanent. Sometimes, of course, I had hard times. I began to become unsociable and went into myself, and sometimes even into the forest or into the mountains. There, my brain getting in order for some time, and the energy was getting better, and, consequently, things were going smoothly. As a result, quite a long reflection courses took shape in a more or less coherent system of individual classes. I had appeared the students. Some students were even hopeful. In the sense that over time they will be able to work on the esoteric with the clientele themselves.After my courses, people can adjust their lives themselves. But, to a certain extent, of course. But not all will be able to working with their оwn clients. And it's not even in some ephemeral talent, but in perseverance and desire. Some come to engage in purely of those motives- that it is now fashionable. But there are those who really want to help people and more deeply understand both- the world and themselves.
Well, you realized that I was not dead yet. And if you even read this far, then you are patient enough, for which I thank you.

Sergey Batyushkov

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